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The Wall Street Journal Calls Hugo Chavez A Threat to World Peace - by Stephen Lendman

You won't find commentary and language any more hostile to Hugo Chavez than on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal. Their June 23 piece by Mary Anastasia O'Grady in the Americas column is a clear, jaw-dropping example. It's practically blood-curdling in its vitriol which calls Hugo Chavez a threat to world peace. The sad part of it is Journal readers believe this stuff and are likely to support any US government efforts to remove the "threat."

The O'Grady article is about the elections scheduled to take place in the fall for five non-permanent UN Security Council seats to be held in 2007. One of them will be for the Latin American seat now held by Argentina. The two countries vying to fill the opening are Guatemala and Venezuela, and the other countries in the region will vote on which one will get it. You won't have to think long to guess the one the US supports - its Guatemalan ally, of course. And why not. For over 50 years its succession of military and civilian governments have all followed the dictates of their dominant northern neighbor. In so doing, they all managed to achieve one of the world's worst human rights records that hasn't abated even after the 1996 Peace Accords were signed ending a brutal 36 year conflict. Although the country today is nominally a democratic republic, it continues to abuse its people according to documented reports by Amnesty International.

Amnesty is aware of sexual violence and extreme brutality against women including 665 murders in 2005 gotten from police records; 224 reported attacks on human rights activists and organizations in the same year with little or no progress made investigating them; forced evictions and destruction of homes of indigenous people in rural areas (echoes of Palestine); and no progress by the government and Constitutional Court in seeking justice for decades of genocidal crimes and crimes against humanity committed by paramilitary death squads and the Guatamalan military. The sum of these and other unending abuses led Amnesty to call Guatamala a "land of injustice."

That record of abuse hardly matters to the Bush administration nor did it bother any past ones either since the CIA fomented a coup in 1954 ousting the country's democratically elected leader Jacobo Arbenz Guzman. That coup began a half century reign of terror against the country's indigenous Mayan majority. It was fully supported by a succession of US presidents who were quite willing to overlook it as long as Guatamalan governments maintained a policy of compliance with the US agenda. They all did, and in return received the support and blessing of the US and its corporate giants that continue to suck the life out of that oppressed country.

Guatamala fills the bill nicely for the Bush administration and would be expected to be a close ally in support of US positions that come up for votes in the UN Security Council. Venezuela, on the other hand, is a different story. Since he was first democratically elected in 1998, Hugo Chavez has done what few other leaders ever do. He's kept his promises to his people to serve their interests ahead of those of other nations, especially the US that's dominated and exploited Venezuela for decades. He's served them well, and in so doing engendered the wrath of his dominant northern neighbor that already has tried and failed three times to oust him and is now planning a fourth attempt to do it.

The idea of a Chavez-led government holding a seat on the Security Council does not go down well in Washington, and the Bush administration is leading a campaign to prevent it with aid and support of the kind of attack-dog journalism found in the Wall Street Journal. Honest observers know this newspaper of record for corporate America has a hard time dealing with facts it dislikes so it invents the ones it does to use in their place.

The June 23 editorial is a good example. It extolls the record of the Guatamalan government with its long-standing record of extreme abuse against its own people falsely claiming it's been "accumulating an impressive record of international cooperation on a variety of UN efforts." It claims one of its main qualifications is its "active role in international peacekeeping" and that the country is now home to a Central American regional peacekeeping school and training center. Oddly, it mentions that Guatamalan peacekeepers are now serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and Haiti. What it fails to mention is that those so-called "peacekeepers," along with those from other countries serving with them, have in large part functioned as paramilitary enforcers, and in that capacity have committed gross human rights abuses against the local people rather than trying to protect them. The WSJ writer surely knows this but didn't choose to share that information with her readers. Instead she extolls the country's "democratic credentials." But readers with any knowledge of recent Guatamalan history surely know that country's true record is one of extreme violence and abuse against its own people and one no one would think of as a nation representing them democratically.

The WSJ's June 23 editorial is titled "A Vote for Venezuela Is a Vote for Iran." The commentary in it is one of the paper's most extreme diatribes against the Venezuelan leader which would seem to indicate the Bush administration and corporate America are stepping up their attack on Hugo Chavez in advance of when they plan to make their move to oust him. The Journal writer calls him a "strongman" in an "oil dictatorship" leading a government that values "tyranny and aggression" who'll use his seat and Council presidency when his nation assumes it to support "hostile states" like Iran, Cuba, Sudan and North Korea. Observers knowledgeable about Venezuela under Chavez would have a hard time containing themselves as the true Chavez record is totally opposite the one the Journal portrays. The Journal writer, of course, knows this, but would never report it in her column. Her employer and the interests it serves wouldn't be pleased if she did.

While claiming that a Guatamala seat on the Council is a "voice for the region, not its own national interests," it says Venezuela's "rests largely on oil 'diplomacy' and the capacity to push anti-American buttons around the UN." It goes on to state "It may seem strange Venezuela has any support in the region. Over the past seven years, its meddling in its neighbors' politics 'have' (even the grammar is wrong) earned it a reputation as a bully. Mr. Chavez is persona non grata in more than a few Latin nations. Many countries are worried about Venezuela's 'big spending' to acquire fighter jets and 100,000 kalisnikovs from Russia." Readers may need to pause to catch their breath.

What the Journal writer doesn't explain is far more important than what she does - but she's doing her job as a servant of the US empire. Chavez's so-called "oil diplomacy," in fact, is based on his Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas or ALBA. It's based on the principles of complementarity (not competition), solidarity (not domination), cooperation (not exploitation) and respect for other nations' sovereignty free from the control of dominant powers like the US and its large transnational corporations. It's the mirror opposite of US-style predatory capitalism and the one-sided trade agreements it uses to exploit other countries for its own gain.

The nations participating in ALBA-style agreements are able to operate outside the usual international banking and corporate trading system in their exchange of goods and services so that each country benefits and none loses - just the opposite of the one-sided way the US operates. Because Venezuela is rich in oil, it's been able to trade that vital commodity with its neighbors who need it, even sell it to them at below-market prices, and get back in return the products and services its trading partners can supply on an equally favorable basis. It's a true "win-win" arrangement for participating countries but one that angers the US because it cuts its corporations and big banks out of the process. The Chavez plan is to help his people, not serve the interests of the corporate giants or dominant US neighbor. The WSJ calls this "meddling" and Chavez a "bully." What glorious meddling it is, in the true spirit of the country's Bolivarian Revolution, and "bully" to Hugo Chavez for doing it.

As for Chavez's so-called "big spending" for weapons that has "many countries worried," one must wonder which countries the Journal writer means. She mentions none, which she surely would have and quoted their officials if, in fact, there were any. The truth, of course, is Hugo Chavez is acting no differently than most all other countries in the region or elsewhere, has expressed no hostility toward any of them, has never invaded a neighbor or threatened to, and is a model of a peace-promoting leader who's only taking sensible steps to upgrade his small military and protect his nation against a hostile US he has every reason to believe will attack him. But you'll never find that commentary on the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal editorial ends in grand style. It demeans the poor countries of the region benefitting from below-market priced Venezuelan oil as likely supporting that country for the Latin American Council seat. It also attacks Argentina for being a "Venezuelan pawn," calling it "once a haven for Nazis" (the US was and still is), and stating "the country has been so incompetent about managing its 'resources' that it too needs charity from Mr. Chavez." Indeed, Argentina had big financial trouble at the end of the 1990s, but the Journal writer doesn't explain why. It was because the country became the "poster child" model for US-style neoliberal free market capitalism in the 1990s. It wrecked the economy causing it to collapse into bankruptcy it's still struggling to recover from.

The Journal writer also attacks Bolivia and Cuba for supporting Chavez but is particularly hostile to the Lula government in Brazil for its siding with the Venezuelan leader. She calls that support "surprising" and accused the Brazilian government of being "Bolivia's unofficial energy advisor (that) orchestrated the confiscation of Brazilian assets (in Bolivia) recently." Bolivian president Evo Morales nationalized his nation's energy resources which Bolivian law clearly states the nation owns. He confiscated nothing, which the Journal writer surely knows but failed to tell her readers. She also mentioned a so-called "eternal Brazilian struggle to prove that it can challenge US 'hegemony' in the region (that) trumps the need to regain dignity and protect its investments abroad." Left out of the commentary is any mention that Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba and Brazil are sovereign states with the right to support whatever policies and other countries they wish without needing US approval to do it.

About the only final comment the Journal writer can make is to claim Guatamala has the "solid backing of the 'more serious democracies' in the region - such as Colombia and Mexico." It's likely what the writer means by "serious" is those countries' elections are about as free and fair as ours - meaning, they only are for the power-elites controlling them who arrange the outcomes they want.

The June 23 Wall Street Journal editorial was a typical example of what this newspaper calls journalism and editorial commentary. This writer follows it to learn what the US empire likely is up to. In the case of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, it's no doubt up to no good. The continued hostile rhetoric is clearly to signal another attempt to oust the Venezuelan leader at whatever time and by whatever means the Bush administration has in mind. Stay tuned.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at


Blogger madhermitt said...

I've been waiting for some dissendent commentary on this wsj editorial since it came out a few days ago.

To read this wsj piece on hugo chavez is frustrating to say the least.

it is also frustrating that the U.S. corporate government uses the same playbook continuosly when dealing with countries that do not pander to u.s. corporate and political interests.

the gameplan is blatant and recyled.

reading the wsj and ny times is a surreal experience. The narrow corporate worldview that the media take, often unapologetically, is truly astonishing.

I also completely believe that the ny times asssumes that their readers do not read the paper everyday, the ny times makes a habit of contradicting THEMSELVES on a weekly basis.

My question is..... is it going to be different this time, in regards to the populist movements in latin america or will these movements be crushed like so many other movements in the history of latin america?

6:33 AM  
Blogger duff said...

Thanks for your article Mr. Lendman. I have been watching the US war of words and (coup attempt) against Hugo Chavez for a while now. Ever since discovering issues such as Peak Oil, 9/11 and so forth a year ago. The behavior of the US in Central and South America has been disgusting to say the least and that is what I feel for our nation's corporatist-supporting behaviors - past and present - in that and other regions around the world.
If you have any suggestions as to how to help prevent the war of aggression against Venezuela that is as sure to come as there is oil there (and as the US is stymied by Russia/China in its aggression agaisnt Iran) please share.

Dr. RW

12:27 PM  
Blogger jscieme said...

Imagine what an effect it would have on world history if a critical mass of the American electorate came face to face with the evidence — like the list of honest legitimate governments that the US has overthrown, and the undeniable facts, declassified documents, &c. that prove it?

Guatemala was only the second CIA overthrow, after Mossadegh, but William Blum, in Killing Hope, lists 55 overthrows, from China to Haiti, Arbenz being #10.

Steve, this piece of yours is a real haymaker. You've put together all the pieces of a dead-to-rights. I was stirred to new determination by it. (I would have said "incurred the wrath" rather than "engendered", but that may be a matter of taste).

I watched Alex Jones's new film TerrorStorm today, watched Lyndon Johnson tell the admiral, "I want that goddam ship goin' to the bottom", speaking of the USS Liberty, in the now famous declassified False Flag attack. I felt sick at heart at seeing the depth of depravity we face.

But I am always . . . hope springs eternal in the human breast — if the people knew — if the people knew — wouldn't they resent it? wouldn't they rise up and stop it?

Or are they really so venal, carnal, and depraved that — that mankind is truly lost, and the Great Experiment was just a momentary blip?


[for the record, I sign as ProudPrimate nowadays, but it won't let me search for the password I used with that name, so this will have to do]

9:44 PM  
Blogger BALLS AND MY WORD™ said...

The ignorance of the average American is by far the biggest security threat the rest of the people on this planet face. nice article steve,it's too bad that most the sheep will form their opinion on Chavez from 5 minutes of O"reilly or a WSJ article.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Jorge Parra said...

Dear Fellows

As a Venezuelan that has moved away from my country because of the mess and destruction Chavez is seeding at EVERY level in our society , I have to entirely disagree with your idealized versions of what he is doing . You too are suffering from the miopia and short-sightnes induced by the media, manipulating his deeds and putting him as a real leader. That is the product of millions of taxpayer dollars invested in lobying at every level to discourage bad opinions and blocking the REAL information of what is going on inside the country to ever see the light of day.

For starters Human rights don't exist in Venezuela, and the number of people who has dissapeared with no trace, includeing reporters, bankers, entrepreneurs and regional political leaders is a day to day event in our country.
Add to this that today the country is the second most dangerous plafce to travel, due to teh delinquncy, robberies, abductions and killings in the open day, in the open streets of every area of any city, and I promise you you did not know any of this.

This crazy bastard has imposed a new system of governace, that we called the CORRUPTOCRACY.
THose who are willing to sell their ideals, morals and decisions , those are praised and welcome as "real revolutionaries" . It follows that the military, the lawyers and judges in civil courts, the congressmen, the people controlling the electoral system, down to teh smallest local -regional personell, in short EVERY piece of the goverment system is getting more than well paid to do as the boss says, at every time. It has already expanded to the corrupted merchants, bankers and entrepreneurs, who are willing to turn their eyes to the awful view, in order to make huge amounts of money.
THose who have voiced their concerns are expelled from the revolution and those who oppose such attitudes become traitors, terrorists and go to jail and if possible , they dissapear. Journalists, community leaders,student leaders, sons of important entrepreneurs, even priests have been assasinated, but I bet you did not know any of this either.

Total control on the law system makes it all easy to turn those who expose corruption cases into traitors, those who expose the ties with the Guerrilla in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru are just
Pro-empire people, People who report more than 20 thousand cuban soldiers are now training and controlling the new militias are shut down saying those friendly cubans are teaching people how to read and are attending the medical needs of the poor, and on and on, the stories are just endless, but you should go there to see the real truth , the real horrors of what is going on in Venezuela, well before taking side with the mistress of Fidel Castro.

Enough said, as I am sure you will side on the leftist guy who seems to be a "real" antiempire promise. But trust me on this one: he is total fake.

Just until next year, after the December elections, and find out for youself what is the "new look" of the goverment , right after gaining total, absolute control on all powers , with the coming manipulated elections, that I am sure Mr.Carter and the OAS are going to endorse as genuine, just the way you like it.

I don't have anything to say about the WSJ editorial, as I can easily read it as "paid" advertorial, but then again, do not buy what the "other" media says in favor of this monkey who will lead the country into bankruptcy and chaos in a matter of few years.

Kind Regards


9:38 AM  
Blogger Stephen Neitzke said...

Jorge -- All we can know of others is what they tell us about themselves and how they behave. The spectrum of deceit and corruption throughout history is wider among the elites than it is among the people. It might be logically possible that Chavaz' hierarchies have turned elitist -- as did the Soviet Russian hierarchies -- and that they are now rife with the corruption and murder that you present. But what we can know about the behavior of Chavez and the people who support him tells us otherwise. And from our foreign policy super-wonks -- especially Noam Chomsky and Wm Blum -- we know that American govts have patterns of corrupt and deceitful behavior, especially in S. America, that fit Chavez' opponents to a T.

What we can know about our American govt's anti-democracy propaganda, aimed especially at S. America, also fits what our corporate-sleaze press is now saying about Chavez. Any democracy is excessive. Any socialist programs helping the people are communism, threatening the entire world with a new -- arrgg -- "domino theory" of communist and now terrorist conquest.

Thanks, Steve, for making the anti-democracy propaganda patterns of the WSJ bit and the Bush-Cheney despotism as clear as you have.

BTW, Steve, I'm another of the columnists for the Populist Party. I've added a link on my blog to yours. Hope you'll return the favor. Mine is "DD Revival" at

This piece on Chavez is excellent. I'll check back often.

2:03 PM  
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5:45 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

Jorge, you make some pretty unsubstantiated claims that need some explanation.

Please cite me at least one opposition member that has "disappeared" at the hands of the government (you say its an almost every day event).

Second, exactly what human rights have the people of Venezuela lost under Chavez? You should know certainly well that millions of poor people have gained the rights to food, to health and dental care, to education and participation in the levels government. But those small things are not relevant human rights to capitalists...

And how exactly is Chavez blocking real opinions in a country's media that is 90% controlled by vicously anti-Chavez private press?

We all know there is crime in Venezuela and this did not begin with Chavez, nor is it exclusive to this Latin country. But it is coming down now, despite the media hysteria.

I don't know what to say to someone who claims Cubans are there training guerillas and NOT teaching people to read and providing health care. I wonder who those accented doctors in the barrios and rural areas are then, and how Venezuela achieved 100% literacy (so says the UN)? I wonder why I have seen NO proof of Cuba training guerillas or interfering in other countries politically.. despite the desperate US claims?

I don't deny that with all the money being made in Caracas right now that corruption is taking place. I don't deny that there may be some crooked folks who now claim to be MVR. But to claim it is worse than before, or that Chavez leads such efforts is just another plain lie.

Great blog, by the way. Check mine out:

10:34 AM  
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10:04 AM  
Blogger jorge said...

Dear leftist

I would love to be proven wrong on my assertions, and would love them to be unsubstantiated. But they are not.

Main point here is that the new laws have given the goverment the appearance of a pseudo-democratic system, while it is only the facade.

The fact that owners of media are in opposition to Chavez just gave birth to a law that prohibits all TV stations, except the goverment-controlled ones, to broadcast live news and events, so everything the media will publish is delayed, filtered and approved by goverment authorities before going in the airwaves, which is why you never read about bad things happening.

Newspapers and radio have their own law, to prevent them to publish things the goverment may consider "offensive" to goverment people, and invented a series of MONETARY PENALTIES to offensive Media owners of such grotesque magnitude, that by the time one penalty be imposed on any media, they will be forced to close down operations, as no one will be able to pay such penalty. THis has produced the well known and vicious self-censorship, and then no one says anything bad about anything in order to keep theiur doors open.

All these "alternative" forums keep saying that there is no free country if there is no free press?? Well, here you have the best example of what is a controlled country through a controlled press, but under the impression of a wide open freedom of expression. THis is a dictatorship very well disguised as a democracy.

You don´t take my word for politicians and many other people dissapearing? Don't take it, but go there and check out yourself. Don't come and tell me your "well informed" sources say otherwise . One of the recent and most disgusting asassinations was that against a priest who was keeping some records that were given to him under confession, involving top goverment people highly involved in drug trafficking and deals with colombian guerrilla. Said priest was shot to death and an "intelligence¨ report came out of the blue, reporting he was killed because he was gay and had issues and gambling debts with homosexuals which led him to be chased and killed in a personal gay crisis. The rage among people could not be any bigger, but now you can not go out and raise your voice of protest, since the new "antiterrorist" law in Venezuela forbids public protests and marches and you will go to jail for 30 years if caught in any such protest.

THe list of events is endless,it reaches surrealistic proportions, while the list of new laws to cover up everything and makes it all look democratic and legal keeps growing, and if you believe Venezuela is now illiterate-free and the good cuban doctors are helping the poor, then you are bound to believe in the fine nazi documentaries about how well jews spent their leisure time at the concentration camps, with the endorsement of the UN. Like such endorsement helps for something.

And if you think poverty has reverted, well, wake up. 75% of the population lives in critical poverty today, with the country receiving the highest income EVER in history, but the money goes to important , international things, not to attack local poverty. In fact, Chavez grows and benefits from keeping the population poor, more and more dependent on goverment policies and gifts. Hell is still to come but you won't see it coming.

A I expected, you all refuse to accept Chavez is a massive fake. I won´t try to convince anyone anymore.

Time will tell.


10:04 PM  
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