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Lavrov: West Wants Regime Change in Russia

Lavrov: West Wants Regime Change in Russia

by Stephen Lendman

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is highly respected and then some. Representing Russia honorably. Forthrightly. Responsibly.

Saying what he means. Meaning what he says. Telling participants at the Moscow-based advisory Foreign and Defense Policy Council:

"As for the concept behind to the use of coercive measures, the West is making clear it does not want to force Russia to change policy but wants to secure regime change."

Western leaders publically "say there is a need to impose sanctions that will destroy the economy and cause public protests."

Tensions between Russia and Western countries were brewing long before Ukrainian crisis conditions, he explained.

EU countries succumbed to US pressure. Decided to go for broke. Play chicken with Russia.

Ukraine reflects a moment of truth. Moscow won't instigate breaking ties with Europe. At the same time, it won't tolerate post-Soviet 1990s business as usual.

"The EU is our largest partner. Nobody is going to shoot himself in the foot and reject cooperation with Europe, but everyone understands that it won't be business as usual anymore."

"(W)e don’t need the" way things were before. Saying 'Russia must do this and must do that…(W)e want to cooperate as equals.

US-led "aggressive minority" Western nations bear full responsibility for escalating tensions. Led by ideologically over-the-top officials.

Pursuing Eastern European power grabs. Instead of mutual cooperation. Joint mutual problem-solving efforts. Prioritizing peace. Rejecting war.

Lavrov blamed Washington for usurping global leadership. Bullying other nations to observe its rules.

When its resources and skills are declining. Waging war to achieve hegemonic goals. Letting politics trump reason.

"We cannot accept the position of those who tell us: 'Put up with it. Everyone has to suffer from America having elections every two years, and nothing should be done about it.' " 

" 'Relax and take it as a given.' This won't do. We won't take it because the stakes are too high."

"It's not about anti-Americanism or forming some sort of anti-American coalition." 

"It's about the natural desire of an increasing number of nations to ensure their vital interests and doing it in a way they see right, not the way they are being told by a foreign party."

If Washington assumes leadership for world peace and stability. Mutual cooperation. Respecting sovereign rights of all nations. 

Observing international laws, norms and standards. Moscow will be first to express support. Bullying will produce polar opposite reactions.

Addressing Russia's Security Council on Thursday, Putin warned against US-led "modern world extremism…used as a geopolitical instrument to rearrange spheres of influence." 

"We see the tragic consequences of the wave of so-called 'colour revolutions,' the turmoil in the countries that have undergone the irresponsible experiments of covert and sometimes blatant interference in their lives." 

"We take this as a lesson and a warning, and we must do everything necessary to ensure this never happens in Russia."

"(W)e must consistently and persistently work to prevent extremism, to remove even its prerequisites and to reveal in a timely fashion the causes that can provoke ethnic, social or religious conflicts."

"(W)e need to take a complex approach to countering extremism. (T)his job requires thorough knowledge of the situation in each specific region and federal district."

"Countering extremism has nothing to do with intolerance towards dissenters." 

"Russia is a free democratic country and its citizens have the right to their opinion, the right to voice it and to be in opposition to the authorities.

"All people have the right to propose their solutions to pressing issues, they have a right to form parties and public organisations, and take part in elections." 

"It is important that they exercise their rights, express their political preferences, positions and views in a civilised and legal manner."

"As we assert our freedom of choice, the right to hold meetings, marches and rallies, we should not forget that we are responsible for our words and deeds." 

"We must know and bear in mind that breeding conflict between people of different ethnicity and religion, propaganda of nationalist ideology, mass violations of public order on these grounds and particularly calls for a violent overthrow of the existing regime are direct manifestations of anti-national thinking and extremism."

"All of us must bear in mind the destructive consequences of such actions." 

"Leaders of public movements should remember this. They should know that such actions are punishable by law."

Putin prioritized three ways to address extremism:

  • better focus on inter-ethnic relations;

  • awareness promotion work with youths; and

  • improved migration policies.

Russia must be mindful US-instigated post-9/11 color revolutions, said Putin. Taking measures to prevent them domestically.

Freedom can't be taken for granted. Nor sovereign rights. Keep them requires constant vigilance. Working daily for what's vital to preserve. 

Mindful of ever present threats. Hegemons stop at nothing to achieve goals. Not at Russia's expense, Putin asserts.

He's more popular than ever. For resoluteness. Straight talk. Defending sovereign Russian rights. Going all-out for regional peace and stability.

Not yielding to US pressure. Opposing its imperial agenda. Mindful of Obama toppling Ukraine's democratically elected president. 

Replacing him and parliamentary members with pro-Western stooge governance. 

Determined to challenge US unipolarity. New World Order dominance. Demanding all nations bow to its will.

Russia under Putin/Medvedev/Lavrov and other resolute officials is back. Proud and reassertive. Not about to roll over for Washington. Or rogue EU partners. Or US-led NATO threats.

It's back to the future in Washington. Cold War 2.0. For greater stakes. Threats to world peace. Reinventing the Evil Empire.

The real one resides in Washington. Infested with neocons. Continuing destructive business as usual policies. 

Essential to stop while there's time. All bets are off otherwise. Humanity's fate hangs in the balance.

A Final Comment

The General Assembly's Third Committee deals with a range of social, humanitarian and human rights issues. Ones affecting populations worldwide.

Others advancing women's rights. Protecting children. Indigenous issues. Treatment of refugees. Promoting fundamental freedoms.

Confronting racial discrimination. Addressing social development issues. Supporting self-determination rights.

During the General Assembly's 68th session (Sept. 17, 2013 - Sept. 15, 2014), Third Committee members considered over 70 draft resolutions. Over half related to human rights.

It's expected to consider a similar number in its current session. Including one passed Friday. Condemning attempts to glorify Nazism. Deny its war crimes.

The resolution passed overwhelmingly - 115 to three. With 55 nations abstaining. America, Canada and Ukraine alone voted nay.

Effectively endorsing Nazism. Denying it committed war crimes. The measure voiced concern over racist-driven crimes. 

Extremist ideologies and agendas. Commonplace in America, Ukraine and elsewhere.

It called for universally adopting the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Washington signed it. Without enforcement measures. Effectively rejecting what it endorsed.

Russia submitted the draft resolution. Its Foreign Ministry saying:

"The fact that the US, Canada and Ukraine voted against, while delegations from EU member states abstained in the vote on this draft resolution, which was supported by an overwhelming majority of the UN member states, is extremely regrettable."

"Ukraine's position is particularly dispiriting and alarming. One can hardly understand how a country, the people of which suffered their full share of the horrors of Nazism and contributed significantly to our common victory against it, can vote against a resolution condemning its glorification."

In December, the General Assembly will formally adopt the resolution. No thanks to America, Canada and Ukraine. On the wrong side of one issue after another.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Russia Bans GMOs

Russia Bans GMOs

by Stephen Lendman

Genetically engineered foods and ingredients harm human health. Russia banned them. Wants more organic food produced. More on this below.

GMO expert Jeffrey Smith calls GMO foods and ingredients "inherently unsafe. The GM process creates collateral damage in the plant, which can cause (disturbing) side effects."

Independent studies prove it. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) reported "animal studies indicat(ing) health risks associated with GM foods."

Including numerous illnesses, infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, gastrointestinal abnormalities, and major organ changes.

AAEM urged physicians to tell patients to avoid GMOs. Unlike clinical drug evaluations, none are conducted for these products.

The only published human feeding experiment showed genetic material in GM soy becomes hazardous intestinal bacteria.

Continuing to function long after these products are eaten. Potentially causing super-diseases. Resistant to antibiotics.

Able to turn intestinal bacteria into pesticide factories. Recent independent studies show GM corn damages livers and kidneys.

Animals raised on GM feed are inherently different from safely fed ones. Rats ingestind GM potatoes had smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains, damaged immune systems, and abnormal white cell changes.

Making them more vulnerable to infections and diseases than other rats fed non-GMO potatoes.

Thymus and spleen damage showed up. Enlarged tissues. Including the pancreas and intestines.

Liver atrophy. Significant proliferation of stomach and intestines cells. A sign of greater future risk of cancer.

Roundup pesticide used for GM crops causes birth defects. GM soy causes sterility.

Americans don't know what they're eating. Labeling is prohibited. Violating First Amendment rights.

Monsanto, Dow, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association has teamed up with Koch brothers-backed Congressman Mike Pompeo (R. KS).

Planning legislation denying Americans the right to know what they're eating. Smith calls it the "Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act (DARK Act)."

Provisions will prevent states from labeling GM foods and ingredients.
Prohibit them from calling natural labeling illegal for GMOs. Prevent the FDA from requiring food companies to label them.

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) calls GM plants and animals "one of the greatest and most intractable environmental challenges of the 21st century."

Over 90% of US soybeans are genetically engineered. Around 85% of corn. About 88% of cotton. Cottonseed oil often used in processed foods.

Over 80% of them contain GM ingredients. From soda pop to soup to salad dressings. Crackers to condiments. Potatoes to "super" pigs. Bananas to baked beans.

Despite known harm to human health, no congressional legislation regulates GM foods and ingredients.

According to CFS:

"The haphazard and negligent agency regulation of biotechnology has been a disaster for consumers and the environment."

"Unsuspecting consumers by the tens of millions are purchasing and consuming unlabeled GE foods, despite a finding by US Food & Drug Administration scientists that these foods could pose serious risks."

Americans are human guinea pigs without knowing it. Part of an unregulated mass experiment, Entailing enormous risks.

Once GM seeds are planted, nothing known to science can reverse their contamination. It spread over two-thirds of arable US farmland.

Despite known human health risks. In America, politics trumps science. Unsafe foods and ingredients are declared fit to eat.

Whatever agribusiness wants it gets. Profits alone matter. Human health be damned. Genetic manipulation is fraught with danger.

It works by forcibly inserting a single gene from one species' DNA into another. Unnatural pseudo-science.

Smith explains as follows, saying:

"A pig can mate with a pig and a tomato can mate with a tomato. But this is no way that a pig can mate with a tomato and vice versa."

Doing so transfers genes across natural barriers. Ones separating species over millions of evolutionary years.

Biotech manipulators want us to believe they can do nature one better. Calling genetic engineering an extension or superior alternative to natural breeding.

With no corroborating evidence. Plenty showing genetic manipulation harms human health.

China banned GMO corn. Dozens of countries require labeling. Despite exemptions and inadequate enforcement.

No international standards exist. Industry claims about GMOs being substantially equivalent to natural foods are Big Lies.

EU countries require labeling. Unrelated to safety. For commercial purposes only.

Distinguishing among GM, conventional and organic foods. So consumers can choose or avoid products they wish.

Since 2007, foods sold in Russia required special labeling if contained 0.9% or more of GM ingredients.

Last March, Putin said Russia is obligated to protect its citizens from GMOs. In April, Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev ordered new controls.

Last February, Russian upper house Federation Council members introduced legislation temporarily banning GMOs.

Until studies evaluate the safety of each one by various scientific standards. Or prove them unsafe to eat.

Polls show over 80% of Russians want them banned. Only 9% approve them.

Russia's National Association for Genetic Security (RNAGS) wants them banned.

Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology researcher Irina Ermakova showed six-fold higher mortality rates/lower body weight among young rats whose mothers were fed herbicide resistant GM soybeans.

Her findings raised serious concerns about human health risks from GMOs. "It is necessary to ban (them), to impose moratorium for 10 years," she said.

"While GMOs will be prohibited, we can plan experiments, tests, or maybe even new methods of research could be developed."

"It has been proven that not only in Russia, but also in many other countries in the world, GMOs are dangerous."

"Methods of obtaining the GMOs are not perfect. (A)t this stage, all GMOs are dangerous. Consumption and use of GMOs obtained in such way can lead to tumors, cancers and obesity among animals."

"Bio-technologies certainly should be developed, but GMOs should be stopped. We should stop (them) from spreading."

Days earlier, Russian media reported Prime Minister Medvedev announcing a complete GM import ban.

"If Americans like to eat GMO products, let them," he said." We don't need to do that. We have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food."

GMOs will be banned for 10 years. So reliable research can evaluate their human health effects.

Russia's decision is important. Along with China banning GM corn. Perhaps other countries will follow.

Foods, ingredients and other human ingested products should be unconditionally banned. False narratives about safety don't wash.

Polls show Monsanto is one of the world's most hated companies for good reason. For slow-poisoning us.

Its former executives run the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). An obvious conflict of interest.

Anti-GMO activists urge buying organic foods. Boycotting Monsanto-owned companies.

Repealing Monsanto Protection Act harmful provisions. Permitting "continued cultivation, commercialization, and other specifically enumerated activities."

Human health be damned. Letting the Secretary of Agriculture ignore public safety. Corporate interests own Obama.

He's their man in Washington. Supporting hazardous GMOs. Other products and services harming human health and welfare.

Congress operating the same way. Letting corporate lawyers and lobbyists write legislation.

Concerned only about bottom line issues. Making the world safe for profiteers. Harming public welfare at the same time.

Monsanto is no stranger to controversy. Spending millions of dollars annually. Buying politicians like toothpaste.

Millions more spent investigating possible farmer patent violations. Targeting anti-GMO state referenda and legislation.

Wanting all plant and animal products genetically modified. Wanting worldwide food control.

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) lists 20 countries banning one or more GM product.

North Dakota and Montana introduced legislation prohibiting GM wheat. Several US cities and municipalities want restrictions or bans imposed. Previous efforts failed.

Vermont wants a moratorium on GMOs. Enacted legislation requiring GM food and ingredient labeling by July 2016.

In response, Monsanto sued. Ludicrously claiming burdensome speech requirements and restrictions.

Vermont Public Interest Research Group's consumer protection advocate Falko Schilling said:

The people of Vermont have said loud and clear they have a right to know what is in their food. So putting labels on is a reasonable and prudent thing so people can decide for themselves."

Organic Consumers Association's National Director Ronnie Cummins praised the new law, stating:

"After years of good old-fashioned work, and playing by the rules, the grassroots labeling movement achieved its first real victory this year, when Vermont passed the first no-strings-attached law requiring mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs)."

He blasted Monsanto's suit. Calling it a desperate attempt to protect corporate shareholder profits at the expense of consumers' rights and health."

The struggle for food safety continues. Hopefully other states, cities and municipalities will follow Vermont's lead.

Ideally banning GMOs altogether. Based on independent research proving them unsafe to eat.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Biden in Ukraine

Biden in Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman

On Friday, puppet masters Vice President Joe Biden and Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland arrived in Ukraine.

Visiting America's newest colony. Delivering marching orders. Discussing Big Lies about Russia encroaching on Ukrainian territory.

Sending troops cross border. Supplying Donbas self-defense forces with weapons and munitions.

Discussing plans for escalated conflict. All-out war. Assuring US political and military support. 

Regardless of Geneva and Minsk agreements. Outrageously blaming conflict conditions on Russia and Donbas fighters.

Oligarch president Petro Poroshenko earlier vowed to crush them. Mobilizing Ukrainian forces aggressively. 

Intending full-scale war. Perhaps greater than ever mass slaughter and destruction. Wanting hardline rule replacing Donbas democracy. 

Fascist viciousness writ large. Planning eventual NATO membership. What Russia absolutely won't tolerate.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov weeks earlier warning against attempts to end Ukraine's non-aligned status. 

Saying it'll "derail all efforts at initiating dialogue with the aim of ensuring national security," he said.

Washington made Russia a strategic adversary. Fast-tracking toward direct confrontation. Ongoing events uncomfortably similar to those preceding WW I. History has a way of repeating.

On November 19, Lavrov addressed Russia's lower house State Duma. Saying things are changing.

"(I)nternational relations are going through a transition as a new multipolar international order continues to emerge for objective reasons." 

"A fundamentally different picture of the world is taking shape right before our eyes." Not easily or quickly.

"The end of one era and the start of the next is never a straightforward process, and it's usually marked by series of intense local conflicts, if not global clashes." 

"We face challenges of truly historic proportions whose complexity cannot be underestimated." 

"At the same time, clearly, Russia has every opportunity to consolidate its position as one of the centres of the new multipolar system, have a positive influence on the international situation, strengthen security and stability, and create favourable external conditions for the internal development of our country and sustainable economic growth - all to improve the quality of life of our citizens." 

"Russia's traditionally independent policy is in synch with the times, and is becoming increasingly popular in the world and attracting a wide range of partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe."

"The Ukraine crisis was the result of the policy pursued by Western countries over the course of the last 25 years, whereby they sought to strengthen their own security at the expense of others and to expand the geopolitical space under their control." 

"This revealed itself in successive waves of NATO enlargement despite assurances to the contrary given at the highest levels and in violation of solemn declarations to create a system of equal and indivisible security in the Euro-Atlantic zone."

"With the support of the United States and several European countries, an unconstitutional armed coup was staged in Ukraine." 

"Nationalist radicals brought the country to the brink of a schism and pushed it into civil war. The chances of de-escalating the conflict have been repeatedly torpedoed by the West."

Washington bears full responsibility. Rogue EU partners share it. Fascist Kiev governance threatens regional peace and stability.

Russia won't look on passively as events of great importance occur on its border. Western countries should stop supporting Kiev's "war party," Lavrov said.

"(T)urning a blind eye to (its) flagrant human rights violations, lawlessness and war crimes."

Blaming Russia won't work, Lavrov stressed. Hard truths have a way of exposing Big Lies. 

Sanctions "undermine efforts to stabilise the global economy and don't bring us any closer to resolving the Ukraine crisis."

Russia prioritizes peaceful conflict resolution. Grounded in international law. Excluding Western-style double standards and hidden agendas. 

Urging other nations to operate the same way. World peace depends on it. Threatened because of Ukrainian flashpoint conditions.

Incendiary by any standard. The gravest geopolitical crisis since WW II. Fueled by Washington's rage for war.

Madness in Europe's heartland. Heightened by provocative NATO exercises. Preparing for possible war with Russia. Waged for unchallenged dominance.

Irresponsibly accusing Moscow of violating NATO airspace. Provocative drills. Big Lies. Hard truths expose them.

Numerous false reports claimed Russia invaded Ukraine. With troops and heavy weapons.

On Friday, NATO officials admitted no credible evidence proves it. According to Russia's NATO envoy Alexander Grushko:

"As far as I remember, even NATO officials themselves admit they have no credible materials confirming that Russian weaponry and military vehicles cross the border and that Russian troops are being amassed along the border with Ukraine."

It bears repeating. Claims otherwise are Big Lies. NATO turned Baltic states "into an area of some kind of military confrontation with Russia, and this is a dead-end track," said Grushko.

Russia remains concerned about NATO's eastward expansion. Encroaching on its borders. Planning Ukrainian Alliance membership. Despite claims otherwise.

"It should be clear to NATO that the deployment of a significant military force along our borders, constant drills and exercises, will undoubtedly push us into taking certain precautions," Grushko said.

Madness defines US-led NATO policy. Risking the unthinkable. James Petras explains what's going on as an " 'all-or-nothing campaign…' "

"(T)o seize all of Ukraine or, failing that, destroy the restive southeast, obliterate its population and productive capacity and engage in an all-out economic (and possibly shooting) war with Russia."

Lunacy writ large. Threatening humanity. At the same time, Russia continues going all-out for peaceful conflict resolution.

No nation works harder at it. Putin and Lavrov true peace champions. Polar opposite Obama. Neocons influencing him. 

Fascists in Kiev. Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Commonwealth of Independent States, Leonid Slutsky, calling its Verkhovana Rada governing coalition "a marionette parliament."

"(D)eclaring (an intention to join) NATO." Prospects ahead look grim. War winds head toward gale force. 

Decades after WW II's end, another potential global conflict looms. With weapons making earlier ones look like toys.

On November 22, US-controlled Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty headlined "New Ukraine Coalition Agreed, Sets NATO as Priority."

Its "major goal." Pro-Western/anti-Russian coalition member parties include the Poroshenko bloc, Popular Front, Samoponich (Self-Rule), Radical Party and Batkivshchyna (Fatherland).

Their agenda includes returning Crimea to Ukraine. Poroshenko saying "Crimea is and will be Ukrainian."

Last March, Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join Russia. An astonishing 96.77%. With an 82% turnout. 

Moscow accommodated their wishes. In compliance with international law. Self-determination is a universal right. 

"(B)ased on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples," according to the UN Charter, Article 1.

A fundamental human right. "Everyone…entitled to all Universal Declaration of Human Rights " 'freedoms…' "

"(W)ithout distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status." 

"(O)n the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty."

At the time, Obama ludicrously called Crimean self-determination a "threat to US national security."

For sure the threat of a good example. Running counter to Washington's imperial ambitions.

Other Kiev goals include joining NATO. Protecting Ukrainians living in "occupied territories."

EU membership. Permanent bases in Donbas. Investigating February 2014 Maidan (Independence Square) killings. 

Whitewashing putschists direct responsibility. The way coverup suppressed their involvement in Odessa's May 2014 massacre.

Doubled military spending. Despite Ukraine's bankrupt economy. A basket case and then some. Zombie-like. 

Parts of its economy in free fall. Under severe Depression conditions. 
Headed for collapse without greater financial aid than already received. 

Punishing Ukrainians with force-fed austerity. When government aid desperately needed.

At the same time, US-led bullying Russia continues. Threatening new sanctions. State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke saying:

"We have a broad understanding and a similar point of view with our European partners with respect to the steps Russia needs to take and the ways in which the costs to Russia should increase if they fail to abide by the agreements."

Russia alone continues going all-out for peaceful conflict resolution. Washington sabotages its best efforts.

Kiev's dirty war without mercy continues. Heading for greater conflict than earlier. Naked aggression. Putting many thousands of lives at risk.

Potentially spreading cross-border. Pitting Washington and rogue EU states against Russia. Making the unthinkable possible.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Obama's Sham Immigration Reform

Obama's Sham Immigration Reform

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout his tenure, Obama waged war on immigrants. Mocking notions of welcoming tired, poor, wretched masses yearning to breathe free.

Immigration rights activists call him the "Deporter-in-Chief" for good reason. Enforcing white supremacist policies. 

Poor, desperate arrivals aren't welcome. People of color scorned. America never was beautiful. For sure not now.

Obama reflects the worst of rogue leadership. So-called immigration reform is more pretense than real.

He's responsible for deporting more immigrants than all his predecessors combined. 

On average over 1,000 a day. In total, over 2.2 million. With two years left in office, likely hundreds of thousands more before departing.

His legacy will be hard to top. Wanting tough congressional legislation enacted.

According to National Day Laborer Organizing Network executive director Pablo Alvarado:

"Unless (he) alters course, he risks cementing his legacy as having presided over the most anti-immigration administration in history."

Rule by presidential executive order diktats alone raises questions. No constitutional authority specifically permits them. 

Other than stating "executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America (Article 2, Section 1)."

Abused by bypassing Congress. "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives (Article 1, Section 1.)."

Constitutional checks and balances prevent empowering one governmental branch over another.

Diktat power borders on tyranny. Even though executive orders are legal. Not permanent. Future presidents can annul them with a stroke of a pen. Not how democracy is supposed to work.

In 2012, Obama exempted about one million undocumented immigrants arriving in America as children. So-called "DREAMers."

Using prosecutorial discretion. Letting presidents decline them on a case-by-case basis. Abusing his power at times.

Latinos are longstanding prime targets. Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm (ICE) scapegoats them for political advantage.

Dehumanizing them. Gestapo-like warrantless raids target them. Neighborhoods, workplaces, and other locations are raided.

Targeted with shotguns and automatic weapons. Done without just cause. Extrajudicially. Terrorizing families. 

Immigrants pulled from their beds. Rousted from workplaces.
Confronted at gunpoint. Without explanation. 

Mistakes are made. Wrong homes or workplaces are targeted. 
Unapologetically. ICE agents permitted to terrorize. Freely. Unaccountably.

Brutalizing immigrants. Rounding them up. Holding them in dehumanizing detention.

Separated from family members. Criminalized. Treated like terrorist threats. Summarily deported. Given no right of appeal.

Independent studies show ICE agents operate with no legal authority. Arresting people randomly.

Conducting lawless searches and seizures. Making arrests based on ethnicity, race, appearance and English proficiency.

Neighborhoods targeted pre-dawn. Local police cooperate. Homes broken into lawlessly. Innocent victims harmed. 

Family members terrorized. Imagine spouses and young children seeing a parent taken away in handcuffs. Unable to understand why.

Misconduct is rife. Rule of law principles don't matter. Or democratic values. Or doing the right thing. 

Raids occur nationwide. Virtually daily. Unannounced. Using excessive force. Constitutional protections don't matter. 

Police state lawlessness substitutes. Most immigrants transferred from local jails to ICE have no criminal records. Or traffic violations.

Obama bears full responsibility. Blaming Congress for his own duplicitous policy. Immigration reform activists want real change. Not sham pretense.

Not with Obama in Washington. Promising one thing. Doing  another. An earlier open letter said the following in part:

Congratulations, Mr. President. You're the latest in a long line of lawless leaders. Achieving rogue status without really trying.

Contempt for rule of law principles, duplicity and moral cowardice define your administration. Pretense otherwise doesn't wash.

Instead of improving lives of ordinary Americans, you made things worse than ever.

Made America a gangster state. A pariah one and then some.  Presiding over a homeland police state apparatus.

Stealing public wealth. Handing it to Wall Street crooks and other corporate favorites. War profiteers gorge at the public trough.

Growing millions impoverished in the world's richest country.  Its wealth disparity unprecedented. 

Tens of millions of working age Americans unemployed. Most others underemployed. One missed paycheck away from homelessness, hunger and despair.

Essential needs ignored. Homelessness, hunger and human misery don't matter.

Middle class society systematically destroyed. America on a fast track toward thirdworldization.

Heading toward full-blown tyranny. Promised hope and change is pure rubbish. Peace a convenient illusion. Direct and proxy wars rage in multiple theaters.

Promised US forces out of Afghanistan within 12 months in office a willful ruse.

Pledged Palestinian sovereignty free from occupation harshness a Big Lie. Decades without fundamental civil and human rights persist. Worse than ever currently.

Guantanamo closure once and for all. Within one year of taking office.

Promised accountability for Bush administration war criminals. Torture ending by decree. 

Indefinite detentions no longer tolerated. Lawless military commission trials prohibited.

Labor rights supported. Public education better than ever. And you can keep your doctor, Obama said. 

Guaranteed universal healthcare with a public option. More affordable than before, he claimed. 

No more rule by diktat. Promised help for Americans facing home foreclosures.

Patriot Act provisions revisited. "(U)nconstitutional executive decisions during the past eight years…overturn(ed)."

All Americans served equitably, justly, fairly and honorably.

"It's time to turn a page," Obama said. "We'll restore our values." The "days of compromising them are over." 

We'll "secure a more resilient homeland." We'll "adhere to the Geneva Conventions." 

Freedom is too precious to lose. Obama goes all-out to destroy it. At home and abroad.

Promised administration openness and transparency. Increased whistleblower protections to encourage exposing government wrongdoing.

Big Brother banished. "(N)o more illegal wiretapping of American citizens," Obama pledged.

No more "spy(ing) on citizens who are not suspected of a crime." No more privacy invasions.

No more human and civil rights violations. "No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient."

No more extrajudicial operations. Or favoring monied interests over popular ones. No more wars for power and profit.

Or treating anyone less than equitably and justly than others. No more defending the indefensible.

Obama's policies belie his rhetoric. Making America more unfit to live in than ever in modern times. Risking the unthinkable.

Possible global war. Against invented enemies. Independent governments. For unchallenged dominance. 

Destroying humanity one plundered nation at a time. Genocide against unwanted people. "Useless eaters," according to Henry Kissinger.

Turning America into a militarized armed camp. Destroying fundamental freedoms one police state law at a time.

Diktat power. Deciding who'll live or die. Be free or locked indefinitely in America's gulag. At home or abroad.

Undocumented immigrants in virtual concentration camps. On Thursday, Obama's demagogic doublespeak drowned out truth.

Explaining his so-called immigration reform. Covering less than half the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants. 

Others subject to lawless detention. Brutalizing treatment. Like criminals. Deportation with no right of appeal.

Immigrants qualifying for residency and work permits must have lived here for five years. Have US citizen or legal resident children.

Must register with ICE. Have no criminal record. Or minor misdemeanors too insignificant to matter. Pay back taxes owed if any. 

Get no Obamacare subsidies, Medicaid, food stamps or other benefits afforded citizens and some legal residents. Farm workers entirely excluded. 

Others qualifying can stay temporarily. Perhaps until a new president reverses Obama's policy. Or dictates entirely new rules and regulations.

Unfairness and then some defines US immigration policy. The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) earlier called it "a brutal system of immigration control and policing that criminalizes immigration status, normalizes the forcible separation of families, destabilizes communities and workplaces, and fuels widespread civil rights violations."

Abuses are rife. Criminalizing undocumented immigrants. Linking immigration policy to national security.

Based on racial, ethnic, nationality profiling. Militarizing border communities. Scapegoating immigrants unfairly.

Deporting record numbers. Separating family members. Institutionalizing brutal treatment. Denying immigrants international law guaranteed civil and human rights.

Substituting police state repression. Immigrants vulnerable to exploitation and ill-treatment. Unable to fight for their rights.

Making racial profiling and other discriminatory practices national policy. Studies show horrific ICE abuses.

Including warrantless searches. Indiscriminate arrests. Forced detentions. Separating family members. Husbands from wives. Children from parents. 

Traumatizing them. Abusing women. Beating men. Destabilizing communities. Due process and judicial fairness pure fantasy.

Expropriating indigenous land. Building virtual and other border fences. Ill-spending hundreds of millions of dollars besieging affected communities.

Harming natural habitat and wildlife migration in the process. America treats aliens like criminals. Especially Latinos and Muslims.

Obama's so-called immigration reform leaves longstanding injustices unchanged. Denying rights everyone deserves.

International law affirmed. Constitutionally protected under the Supremacy Clause. Making all treaties and conventions 
Washington signs the supreme law of the land.

In name only. Emma Lazarus' Lady Liberty words once had meaning. No longer in a nation hostile to its tired, poor, huddled masses.

Welcome sign don't greet them. Scorn, abuse and exploitation substitute. Deportation. Discarded like yesterday's garbage.

Unwanted for being the wrong color. From wrong parts of the world. Valued only for low-pay/no benefits hard labor others eschew. 

Persecuted. Denied all rights. Underpaid. With few or no benefits. Hung out to dry when not wanted. 

Longstanding US practice. Worse than ever under Obama. 

Immigration policy by diktat ignores what's most important to address. Equity and justice for all.

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